PHILOSOPHY We believe in:

  • Growing and working with pesticide free flowers.

  • Getting our hands dirty.

  • Armfuls of flowers picked fresh from the garden.

  • Anything handmade.

  • Supporting other local flower farmers.

  • Buying local anything.

  • Making our own compost.

  • Going above and beyond what is expected.

  • Sustainable farming.

  • Arranging flowers to showcase their natural beauty.


I grew up having breakfast every morning, in a kitchen, that was filled with flowers. Not flowers already in vases, but flowers, picked fresh from the garden, in tubs and buckets, in the process of going into vases. The counter was always wet, and it was never easy to find a place to eat.

My mother grew and arranged flowers for a hotel, the library, the church, and friends that needed cheering up. When she went out of town, I did the flowers for her. It was a skill I didn't even know was a skill, it was just something I did.

Later, I ended up near San Francisco, doing flowers for catalog photo shoots, restaurants, stores, and the occasional wedding.

Then on to Colorado, where I have been doing wedding flowers ever since. I have found my passion: being surrounded by flowers, and sharing my love of them with others. I am so grateful!

I’ve Studied With:

  • Floret

  • Passionflower Sue

  • Tobey Nelson Events

  • Joseph Massie Flowers

  • Ponderosa + Thyme

  • Fleursociety




We offer full service wedding floral design, as well as selling flowers by the bunch (when available), for those who want to arrange their own.
We also shop the wholesale markets, when necessary, hand selecting flowers to make your event or occasion special.

We grow flowers.
We arrange flowers.
We sell flowers.
It's that simple.
Because it's what we love to do.

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